Roulette Strategy

When you play Roulette you play a typical game of chance. There are many games of chance and there are always people who believe that they have a certain influence on the game or the outcome of the game. Some people develop very complicated schedules to prove how there system works, but we prefer to declare once again that in our opinion there is no such a system that really works and that you better play Roulette free as a bird, simple as it is without obtaining a headache from the complex details you have to keep in mind. There is no such thing as roulette strategy, but there are a few easy ways to play the game that can keep you close to your bets and limit your loss. From limiting your loss to winning some money is sometimes a small step and when you can bring up the discipline to stop at the right time you may actually be one of the happy view that walks out the door with more money than you had in your pocket when you left home. And the same idea goes when you play Roulette online of course, because that’s why you are reading these pages, aren’t you?

What is there to know about roulette strategy. This site would not be complete when we would not inform you about roulette strategy because these strategies exist and they are sometimes very funny and most of the times very impossible. What you can’t change of course is that there are 36 numbers in the game, half of them in red and half of them in white. There is one green pocket with the number 0 (zero) and when you play American Roulette you will see two green pockets, one with 0 (zero) and one with 00 (double zero). We limit ourselves in this article about roulette strategy to the European way to play Roulette. In times that control on wheels and other machines in the casinos was not as accurate as in our times, professional players were able to find the abnormalities and could calculate their chances that occurred by knowing the deviations in the wheel. In obscure casinos the croupier could try to steer the wheel and the ball in a way that the highest bets were never falling. Professionals with a roulette strategy at hand could use that information as well. But this is the 21st century and the production of the machines is steered by computers and robots and the systems that come out of the factories are 100% accurate. Special brigades are traveling around to control if everything works appropriate and the chance to win money because there is foul play in the game is almost zero. A Roulette strategy is therefore based on the game itself as it is played in a safe environment.

Roulette strategy is very often based on what is called ‘Gambler’s fallacy’, the general description of the inconsumable idea that you can deduct the next outcome based on the past results. The reality is that when you have a serial ten red numbers at a row, that the chance that the eleventh number is also red is fifty percent and nothing else. It’s not exactly fifty percent because of the presence of a zero pocket, but we like to keep it simple. The strategy of the past is not valid at all, so forget about it. Most betting systems in the spirit of a roulette strategy are called Martingale systems. This is a very simple strategy, whereas the player will double his bet after every loss. In case he wins he will recover the previous losses and have a profit because he wins from the casino the amount of his first. This is a system that can work when you bet on even or odd numbers or red and black colors, because they will most likely come up reasonable fast after each other. But the risk is great when you bet on certain numbers or combination of numbers. With this roulette strategy there is always a chance that you once reach the casino’s limit or that you are getting out of money yourself. This way of betting ends up most of the times with a big loss for the punter and that’s one of the reasons that we tend to warn our readers not to follow any of those systems. Period!

Another system that is often used is the Labouchère system. This is not valid for people who have difficulties to calculate or to work with numbers. It is less progressive than the Martingale and a bit more flexible. Then we have the D’Alembert system, where you double the bet when you loss and skip one unit when you win. In fact you believe then that by a win your luck is up and the same bet is not responsible anymore. Don’t try this roulette strategy either, it’s useless.

There are dozens of other systems that were ever used and sometimes come up again. There are always smart guys (woman are apparently more practical) who believe they can beat a system, although no roulette strategy ever worked. Excuse us, scrap that last remark. There was one system in history that worked. It’s the story about a man in London, UK that sold everything he had, paid his debts and with the remaining money he went to Las Vegas with a sum of $135,000 in his pocket. He went to the Roulette table and put all the money on red. He won, cashed immediately and walked out the door with double the money he came in. The best roulette strategy is no strategy at all. Just follow your instinct and when you are lucky, pick up the winnings and leave, for when you bet it again you might lose it within seconds. We can only recommend one roulette strategy: stick to your limits and never try to win your losses back. You have more chance to find a treasure on the bottom of the ocean than that you are able to turn your luck in a casino. Luck is a matter of coincidence and not of strategy, that’s all there is to say about roulette strategy.