RNG Roulette

In land based casinos as well as online casinos we come across variations in roulette, such as European Roulette, American Roulette and French Roulette. RNG online Roulette does not exist in that matter, but nevertheless we have an item about it on this site. What do we mean by RNG Roulette and why is it of great importance?

There is only one casino game where you can use your skills to make the best out of it. That is the poker game and it is the only game with tournaments all over the world and all over the internet. Poker is comparable to chess, damns and bridge with the big difference that poker is also a matter of luck, lots of luck from time to time. With other casino games you can make a lot of money but skills have nothing to do with it. Winning the jackpot on a slot machine is just a matter of luck and that luck is triggered by something that is called the random number generator, abbreviated as RNG. That same RNG roulette is also available for playing Roulette online and that’s why use the term RNG Roulette on this page. You may compare it to the balls in a bowl that is turned around, shaking the balls and at the end pushing one ball through an opening, landing on the bottom with the number of the ball visible for everybody that is watching. If your number on that little piece of paper that’s in your pocket is corresponding with the number shown on television, you are just lucky. Since the numbers are limited to some tens there is a reasonable chance that you have one or more numbers right, but the chance that you have all numbers right is very small, but yet it happens so now and then, making somebody very rich.

You may have noticed that we wrote about RNG Roulette in relation to web based roulette, to be played in online casinos. Can’t you use the same system in the brick and mortar casinos then? Let’s have a look in such a casino and see what happens over there. People are gathered around the roulette table and the croupier is calling ‘no more bets’ to stipulate that the game is coming to an end. He has thrown a little ball in the spinning wheel in the opposite direction of the wheel. That is done to raise the factor of coincidence to a maximum, it is impossible for even the most seasoned croupier to have any influence on the outcome of that skipping ball. Evil tongues have always spoken out that they are convinced that casinos are able to cheat with roulette wheels by slowing the wheel down or by installing little magnets under the table to get a certain outcome, of course the outcome that the one guy that put an enormous sum of money on one number will not like. It is very well possible that in Wild West times these practices did occur, but nowadays the control on casinos, their games and all the installations and software they are using is that big, that you can regard it as impossible to realize. There is no way that a croupier is able to steer the wheel, so to speak, but on the internet it’s a completely different issue and that’s why we need RNG Roulette. Here we have an encounter between one player and one online casino. How easy can it be to influence the outcome in favor of the online casino? The truth is: very easy, but then you are dealing with a malicious operator and that is not very wise. But how can you recognize a malicious operator? The answer is simple: you can’t. Before grapping a bottle with pure oxygen we have good news for you on the other hand and that is that you are able to recognize a reliable operator, apart from offering RNG Roulette. First of all: look at the branch organizations where they have a membership. When your online casino is a member of eCOGRA and has a Safe & Fair seal of eCOGRA, you can be sure that they play by the book. Also memberships of RGA (Remote Gaming Association) or comparable organizations indicate that they are very trustworthy. The online casinos that we promote on this site are all of the highest standards in the business.

Another matter you can look to is the software supplier. If it is a known software supplier you can rely on the idea that they will never allow their customers to make adjustments in the software to influence the outcome of the games. You can imagine that once this is ever discovered and exposed the software developer will have to face an enormous image damage and no responsible company will like that. The software developers of the casino games are definitely offering RNG Roulette, so that you can rely on a 100% outcome based on coincidence and nothing else. The only outcome that is built in is that a certain percentage of the bets remains in the account of the casino in order to allow them to pay their staff and other costs they make, as well as a certain profit as all entrepreneurs want to make. The only question that we have to answer now is : how does RNG Roulette work? Technically we speak about pseudo random number generators (PRNG’s) that are constantly generating random numbers that are used in the game. That goes by hundreds or even thousands of numbers per second so it is almost impossible as a spectator to keep up with it. To avoid that players can base their luck on the given outcome of a spin, the machines generate also numbers when the game is paused or even is not on at all. So, it is impossible when the play button is pushed to predict where in the whole sequence the RNG is at that very moment. Even when a player knows how a machine is programmed he cannot guess at what number the machines starts or will end. That’s why RNG Roulette is completely safe to play!