Play Roulette Online

Roulette tables have an enormous attraction to visitors of casinos all over the world. No wonder when we face its unconstrained character, the speed in the game and the fact that you can enter the game and leave the game any time you like. Chatting with your neighbors at the table, joking about the croupier, having a drink (often for free), winning some chips, losing some chips and just having a great night, that’s what it is. If this is all right, then you could think that when you play Roulette online, it could be boring, because you will miss a lot of these elements when you play at home behind the computer. That’s correct, but you don’t have to drive many miles to get there, you will not find a ticket behind your window wiper for parking incorrectly and nobody is telling you to drink water, because you are the one that has to drive home safely. Roulette has a history of many centuries before it was also made suitable to play Roulette online.

There are a number of stories about the emergence of Roulette. An essential part of the game is the wheel, so let’s say that there first was the wheel and then the game. We know for sure when the wheel was invented. It was the Sumerian people some 6000 years ago now, who invented the wheel. Some historians claim that the Sumerians already played a game like roulette, but it has never been proven and the same goes for the idea that Chinese monks invented the game, because they were bored a little. The French long kept the tale alive that their philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal was responsible for the invention of the roulette wheel, but we know that this is absolutely not true. But the game is there and the first written testimonies about the game were found in Italy during the Middle Ages when the nobility played games in their garden houses, later called casinos (casa=home). From Italy it skipped to France and from there to the United States, where casinos were built and new games were very welcome.

You can play Roulette online in two different ways: for free and for real money. Most online casinos are asking some information when you want to subscribe for free Roulette. When you to play Roulette online for real money you have to make an account and to transfer money in that account. It’s good to know that our online casinos are the best in the branch regarding safety in exchanging data and transferring money. Some online casinos are offering only one Roulette type, others have more options for that. We have no preference, caring only for good information and demanding a proper customer service of online casinos for their clients. The European Roulette is the most common to play Roulette online. It has one zero in the game instead of two as in American Roulette. There are some mathematical schemes available on the internet that tell you what your chances are within the different systems. Basically there is not much difference in Roulette rules between offline and online Roulette. The lay-out of the game is the same with 36 regular numbers of which 18 are odd and 18 are even, 18 are black and 18 are red. On the page “Roulette Rules” on this site we have given the different bets to play Roulette online, we don’t have to repeat that here, though it is still memorable that the extra feature neighbors of zero is most likely present in the games of online casinos. You will immediately recognize it because of the racetrack form and it gives you some more opportunities to place bets on the table when you play Roulette online. And that’s what you need to compensate the missing of the cozy buzz that you will find in a brick and mortar casino and what you will probably have to miss at home if you want to play Roulette online over there. As there are more variants on Roulette, especially when it comes to online games, it is advised to read the rules of your online casino providers regarding the games. It takes only a few minutes and it prevents you and the provider from unwanted surprises.

A special way to play Roulette online is Live Roulette. This is a game where you are playing the game with assistance of a real croupier, somewhere in a studio or in a real brick and mortar casino. In both environments you will see a real arrangement of tables, wheels and staff and the whole game is live with of course a number of participants at one table. You can communicate with the croupier and through the chat also with other contestants. To assure yourself that it’s really live you see a television in the studio or in the casino with the live broadcasting of CNN. There is no difference in the rules of the games or how to play it, it is just the entourage that is different and more attractive than just a screenshot with an nice avatar at the best. This is in fact all that you have to know to play Roulette online in a safe and responsible way. There are extensive schemes and suggestions how you can play Roulette online as in the brick and mortar casinos with more chances to win et cetera. We will not state here that these schemes are completely nonsense but for a normal person who just wants to have fun and spend some time to play Roulette online or offline it is what it looks like: abracadabra. Beware of the headache that these schemes will bring you and keep to the fun. Nowadays you can already play Roulette online on your pad or smartphone and the first online tournaments have been held and were very successful. That’s far more interesting to look at than to dull numbers and schemes that will probably never bring you any luck. And luck is what we wish you to have!