Play European Roulette

The casino game that’s known as Roulette is one of the most popular all over the world. There are a few variants on this game, which allow you to play European Roulette, American Roulette or French Roulette. We have on this site also something that’s called RNG Roulette but that’s just a description, not a variant. American Roulette is using two pockets with a zero value 0 and 00. When you see a wheel with only one green pocket then you know that you are going to play European Roulette (French Roulette has also only one zero pocket). But history is sometimes capricious as the ball in the roulette game for there is something strange on the mark of the different roulette forms. There is a novel, published in 1801, where the author Jacques Lablee describes a roulette wheel in the Palais Royal, containing “two betting spaces with the numbers zero and double zero.” The author paid the casino a visit in 1796 and also noted that the pockets with the zero numbers were red and black. We now know that in newer roulette wheels, produced in 1800 and later, the pockets with the zero numbers were in the color green to avoid confusion. This still leaves us the question when and where people started to play European Roulette in his presence form.

We are lucky for we know exactly when the game with only one zero came into place. It was again a French idea, introduced by the brothers François and Louis Blanc in the year 1843. The first casino where people could play European Roulette in the modern version was the casino in the German city of Homburg. It was just a matter of competition that they used only one zero pocket, limiting the profits of their casino but of course very attractive for the people who liked to play European Roulette and had time enough to travel a few miles to find more profit in the game. No one could suspect in those days that within a couple of years they all would have to travel a lot more to play European Roulette for in the 1860s the German government abolished gambling totally and the Blanc family had to find another place to let people play European Roulette. They received an invitation to realize a big casino in Monte Carlo, where the present ruler thought that it would be good for the place to attract fortunate Europeans to this new casino. He was right and since the day of the opening of the Monte Carlo Casino it was and always remained one the most popular and best visited casino in Europe, also known as the casino where the finals of the yearly European Poker Tour is held. The Blanc brothers did not only introduce the one zero wheel but also made the other numbers definitive from 1 to 36. It is very well possible that the choice for these numbers is a kind of a practical joke of mister François Blanc, because the sum of these numbers is 666 and that is the number of the devil. Of course you have to believe in the devil in the first place and assume that he has his own number, but that’s a different story. Since the establishment of the Monte Carlo Casino everybody could play European Roulette with the same rules and the same chances, which must have contributed to the fact that it grew out till far out the most popular casino game. But it took some time before the number of casinos rose worldwide, since in the first half of the 20th century we only had casinos in Monte Carlo and Las Vegas as casinos of any importance. The history of most other casinos in the world started as from the 1970s and did not stop, because as we write casinos are still built all over the world and with exception of the casinos in the United States they all offer to play European Roulette as the common type.

Because of the presence of the numbers zero And double zero there is a given profit for the casinos, which is called the house edge. For a single zero when to play European Roulette the house edge is 2.70% and in American Roulette it is 5.26% a bit less than double 2.70% as you can see. Another difference is found in the lay-out of the roulette wheel as far as it concerns the position of the numbers. That’s not very important because it is a given fact that the ball always follows its own routing and ends up where it likes to take some rest in the game, bringing joy to a number of players and making other players a bit sad, because they lost their bets, but well that’s all in the game when you play Roulette. What is not ‘all in the game’ are repeatedly given reports about founded irregularities in the wheels. It is possible that a wheel after a certain number of spins will show small deviations. They are the ground for fantastic (and often also true stories) of people who found out about it and knew how to make enormous profits, making use of their knowledge. There is no space to tell all these stories but this one is nice and it indeed happened in the Casino de Madrid in Spain. It was in the early 1990s that a senor Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo recorded and analyzed the results of the roulette wheel in the casino and concluded that the wheel was not exactly random. As a result thereof certain numbers occurred more than others and equipped with this information he won 600.000 euros in just one day and over more than a million before the casino stopped him to play European Roulette any longer. The casino also filed a lawsuit against him, but the judge turned it down and rules that the casino better fixed Mr. Garcia-Pelayo could keep the money but we don’t know if he is still travelling around to play European Roulette, using his computer to record the results.