Play Casino Roulette

With this header we don’t want to stimulate you to go to a brick and mortar casino to play casino Roulette. We are on this planet to promote our online casinos where you have an excellent choice in casino games and slots and where you can play Roulette as much as you like. On the other hand we have to admit that a live experience in a land based casino can be very exciting, since there are so many facilities available in the bigger casinos. In Macau, Singapore and Las Vegas you will find complete resorts wit hotel accommodation, restaurants, bars, shops, theaters, cinemas and all kinds of sports and wellness facilities. That is something you will not find in your own home, how nice and comfortable your place might be. To play casino Roulette in a real casino environment is for many people a once in a lifetime experience and why shouldn’t you do that if you have the chance?

So far the travel brochures, we want to use this page to explain the differences in the game when you play casino Roulette outdoor or when you play it online. Going to a resort in Auckland where they offer table games you will see the lay-out of the roulette table without the so called ‘neighbors of zero’ for that’s a typical online variant. The casino will explain to you the difference between a one zero table and a two zero table. In New Zealand the one zero table is the common type, you play European Roulette with the house edge set on 2,70% of the total sum that is betted in the casino. There will be signs that tell you the limits in the game, what you have to put in at the minimum and what the maximum amount is that you can bet on that table. What follows when you play casino Roulette will be a colorful event! You can imagine that when all the players are using blue chips, it will be a bit cluttered on the table. So you buy colored chips from the croupier at the table to distinct yourself from the other players. In most casinos you can use the chips only at that particular table, so when you want to move on you exchange your remaining chips for money at the same table. The atmosphere is of course unique in a way that you can never imitate that on a screen. That is something that a real casino has and an online casino has not. Something new and modern in brick and mortar casinos are the so called Rapid Roulette terminals. Instead of putting chips on the table you have a screen at your disposal to place your bets and to play casino Roulette in a way that reminds you of the times that you play Roulette online at home. The screen will tell you what the minimum and maximum bets are at the time and you can place your chips on the screen. Sometimes there is a possibility to bet with banknotes that you put into the machine, but we prefer the systems with chips, because that is more close to the original game. To play casino Roulette by using the rapid roulette screen you can also play the ‘neighbors’ game and other variants, because the screen offers more possibilities to bet than the traditional roulette table. The results of the game will appear on your screen as well and that makes out the difference in winning your bet or losing it. The Rapid Roulette screen has a button where you can repeat the same bet again, just because a lot of people like to do that. When you stop to play casino Roulette, because you want to see more of the casino world, you can change your chips for money or other chips that can be used in the other games.

Having paid a visit to a bar or restaurant, done with the shopping, you return home (they all do at the end) and talk about the game and how much fun it was to play casino Roulette. That is when you stack to the rule that you never must spend more than you can effort and what you agreed on when you left home in the first place. When you have problems to stick to this number one all time casino rule, then you have a problem and we advise you strongly to seek help. Our online Casinos want to operate in a responsible way and they don’t want to see wandering out of the track more and more till you don’t show up anymore because you are in deep trouble because of your gambling habits. And here we have another big difference in play casino Roulette outdoor or online. In the environment of the brick and mortar casino, seized by the atmosphere it is sometimes difficult to stop the game when you reached your limit. It can be very tempted to walk to the ATM machine to provide yourself with a few more banknotes. That’s a very bad idea, believe us! When you play casino Roulette online you can easily do something else when you have reached a given limit. Television is a few steps away, you can ask your partner to have a walk with you to get refreshed in the wind, or you can read a good book. And of course you can always play Roulette free in our online casinos so that you can still enjoy the game without putting money in it. This does not go for the so called live Roulette, because the operator will not like to mix up real money games with free games. What we try to explain is that your risk to cross the limits is not by definition bigger in your own house than in a real casino, although different publications try to tell us otherwise, without ever underlining it with hard figures. To play casino Roulette with the most of the fun in a responsible way, you know how to act. Then you can enjoy this game to the max!