Live Roulette

Casino games are popular online and of course popular in the casinos. But you can’t be in two places at the same time, so you have to make a choice: hop on the bus and drive to a casino in town to play live roulette or stay at home and play roulette behind the computer in one of our online casinos. Right? No, not right! There is a great experience in online casino games and that is the possibility to play live roulette, blackjack or baccarat without leaving your home. We explain how it works and what you have to do to enjoy it to the max.

Let’s start with the bad news: you can’t play Roulette free and live at the same time. That’s not because the online casino would not like to support that or that they don’t grant it to you, but because more players will be at the same table and among them there will be those who are playing for real money. And you can’t mix up play money and real money at the same table. So, that’s the reason that you can only play live Roulette for real money. You need an account at your favorite online casino and when you don’t have one, you can make one, it’s very easy. You have to answer some questions and give some personal details to the online casino, but the ones that are promoted on this site have excellent software to guarantee that all your personal details are safe. On top of that they offer a range of methods to transfer money into your casino account. All of them are safe without leaving traces on the internet. The good news is that they like to welcome you with some extra playing money when you open an account and put money in it. Those extra allowances are nice but you have to put them on the live Roulette table a certain number of times, before you can cash it and most of the time you will not reach that point. When you want to choose just one online casino we advise you to look at the holistic picture, which is the combination of presentation, transparency, customer service and last but not least what do they offer you extra to have you as a customer.

They all have live casino games, so live Roulette can be played in every single one of them. The difference with normal online roulette is that you are not playing at a virtual table with a kind of avatar in the role of croupier, but you are connected to a studio. It does not matter where that studio is, we know there are a number of them in Estonia, but they can be everywhere on earth as long as there is a fast internet connection available. In the studio they designed a real casino room, with real tables for the most popular casino games: Black Jack, Baccarat and of course live Roulette. The people you will meet here are real. You can’t squeeze them in the arms to be convinced of their existence, but believe us, they are very much alive. Since you are very likely living in a country where English is the main language you will never meet problems with that, because most of the ‘broadcasting’ from a live casino is in the English language. That would be of no importance if there should be no contact at all with the live dealers and croupiers but they can talk to you and you can chat with them during the live games. Live Roulette itself is just what roulette is: betting on certain numbers or combinations and see what luck (or misfortune) the wheel and the ball is bringing you. The nice thing is that you don’t look at a piece of software that is producing some images to make it as real as possible, but you are looking at a real table, where your bet is really visible, a reel wheel, with one green pocket for one zero as when you play European Roulette and of course that little ball that is thrown into the opposite direction of the wheel’s spinning to guarantee that the result is based on 100% coincidence and nothing else. So, the game is not really different from other online roulette games or from how it is played in most casinos, but the possibility to chat with the live dealers is great. They don’t just place your bets and spread the winnings and losses. They will be happy to answer your questions about the game, the rules, how live Roulette is working and what you have to do when you are out of money or have gathered so much that you want to spend in your own hometown or on the next holiday. They will explain it all to you and in the meantime the table is still there, the bets are ongoing and the wheel spins till the little ball is thrown and finds his way to the winning pocket.

There are also a few online casinos that are broadcasting not from a studio in some Baltic country, but that offer live Roulette from a real casino. That can also be very attractive but also a bit boring when the tables are not crowded with other people who are present in that casino at the time you want to play. And when that casino is not open 24 hours a day you will sometimes see the sign ‘closed’ on your screen. And players don’t like to be withhold from playing their favorite games. But in case you meet such a variant you know that, so you won’t be surprised. For the online casinos it does not matter whether you play live Roulette or the ‘normal’ online game. The difference for you is that outside the live Roulette casino you can play Roulette free in the normal online casino. But to know that there are different options is a great thing.