Play Roulette

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It is beyond any doubt that one of the favorites of all visitors in brick and mortar casino’s is to play Roulette. Some people wonder about that because it is such a simple game, where pure luck and luck only is making your loss or your profit. But in our opinion these aspects are just the reason that it is so popular to play Roulette: it is easy to play, you know the rules within a few minutes and you can start to play Roulette immediately after you have paid a visit to the counter to get yourself some chips. And from there it is easy and the chances are the same for everybody, tall or small, rich or poor, man or woman, whether it’s your first time that you are going to play Roulette or the thousandth time, it is not of any importance. And what goes for the brick and mortar casinos goes as well for the online casino, for to play Roulette online is just as easy.

There are a few objects in the game which you can’t overlook. There is a wheel with 37 or 38 numbers (we’ll explain that later), there is a table, where you see the lay-out of the game and there is a tiny little ball, that is making the game exiting for everybody alike. The croupier is directing the game and when he says ‘start your bets’ the game is on and when he says ‘no more bets’ than we are already in that part of the game that the ball is rolling to point out a color and a number. There are three possibilities to play Roulette and most online casinos offer all here of them, whereas a land based casino is only offering one type.

Play European Roulette

This one is the most common variant to play Roulette with 37 numbers in the game. The numbers are 1 to 36, colored red or black and there is a zero in the game, green colored. This number is the lucky number for the casino for basically all bets are going to the casino, when this number is the spot where the ball ends the trip. European Roulette is also the most popular variant when you play Roulette online.

Play American Roulette

As the name does suspect, we have here the variant that is quite common in the United States. The game is almost the same as the European Roulette, but here we have two numbers zero instead of one. So, here we have 38 numbers which offers more chances to win for the casino and at the same time of course more chances to lose the bets for the players. And that’s exactly why it is there to play Roulette with more profitable effects for the casino.

Play French Roulette

Some people think that the French are the most chauvinistic people in the world and they are probably right. A lot of casino games come from Italy where the rich and famous were playing games in their garden houses, known as casinos. The Italian word for casino is written as casinó and is from that time. From Italy it spread out all over Europe and the French were fond of playing games for money, which made it no wonder that all casino games got their own variant there. Many of the games were brought to the United States by French immigrants, especially in the south of the country. But basically the French Roulette is the same as European Roulette, but there is a bigger table to play casino Roulette with a somewhat different lay-out and all designations are French, naturally.

To play Roulette you must understand what possibilities for bets there are in the game. There are two safe bets: odd or even and red or black. When you consequently put your chips on the same color you will always win at c certain moment. So when you lose, you top up your bet and at a certain moment you will win it all back, when your color comes up. The same goes for playing red or black. There are names for all other bets. When you chose for one and the same number to play you bet straight up. You can also put your chip(s) on the line between two numbers and that’s called a split bet. You can also play three numbers at the same time, a so called street bet or four numbers in a square, the corner bet. The maximum numbers is six in one time, which is called a sixline bet. You have also the possibilities to play different combinations at the same time, it’s just how you like to play Roulette. There are many more names in the game, but these are the most familiar. A special form to play Roulette is with the adjustment of the neighbors of zero. This game in the shape of a racetrack lays besides the normal game and is based on numbers lying between 22 and 25 on the normal table, including these two numbers and including the number zero. This is very popular to people that like to play Roulette online, especially in the eastern part of Europe.

If you think, you are ready to play Roulette now, you are probably right. But here is a good advice before you start playing online Roulette. Online casinos might have built in special bets in their roulette game and are offering easily a number of different types of the game. So have a close look at the rules of the online casino for a particular variant on the game, in order not to be surprised by rules, that you were not aware of. That’s not done to deceive you, it’s no trick, but online casinos have to take into effect that their customers are coming from all over the world and may like a totally different form of the game, than you know from the many movies where people play Roulette to fill up some meters of the movie screen. We wish you a lot of fun with Roulette in the best tradition of the game!